Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015

A man and woman enter. Twentyish, both are extremely good-looking with bodies that are fit and lean. I recognize the woman as a regular customer. A divorced mother of one little girl, her face is sculpted and refreshingly pretty, but the problem is that she apparently knows it. The handsome young man seems to be suffering from the same condition. They take a seat right next to me; I listen in. 

Man: So you were in Maine?
Woman: Yes, visiting my father. He has two places in Colorado. They’re investment properties, but you can ski, snowmobile and fish. I used to go fly fishing. I’d stand there with these bass or whatever they are swimming around my feet.
Man: You sure it was fly fishing? In fly fishing you have to cast. *he demonstrates perfect technique of casting out a line* 
Woman: Yeah, I did that. I went like *flicks wrist limply several times* *man gives skeptical look*
Man: Anyway, I've been looking around for things on sale. I’m in finance so numbers are everything. And I'm still sending out resumes listing the construction company where I work. What am I saying? It’s my construction company. Mine. *points to his chest*
Woman: *laughs* *slumps way down in seat* *takes out checkbook and starts writing a check*
Man: *blushes* When I went home, I looked around and found all this stuff my mom has laying around. I’m going to take some towels, comforter, blankets when I move out. 
Woman: No!
Man: No, what?
Woman: *puts feet up on man’s thighs showing ownership and waves check around* No, you are NOT going to take stuff from your mother's!  
Man: Why you talking like that and going all Beyonce on me?  
Woman: I’m just telling you you’re going to buy your own things. *stares at check* Does this make me a Sugar Momma?
Man: *man flushes even more deeply*  
Woman: *she hands him the check* *lifting her booted feet off him, she grabs the back of his neck and kisses him deeply* *man reciprocates, but not comfortably or willingly*  
Man: Thanks. *folds check and puts it in his pocket*
Woman: *takes paper out of purse* *spreads it out on man’s thigh* Sign this. I’m assuming you have a pen.
Man: Sure. *takes one out of his pocket*
Woman: It just says you owe me money and promise to pay it back. I learned how to do this during my separation. The guy I was seeing used to borrow money from me all the time.
Man: Really?
Woman: Yes. Ouch! My back hurts *she grabs lower lumbar and sits up straight*
Man: You know, you’re not in that great of a shape.
Woman: *continues rubbing back* I’m seeing an acupuncturist next week.
Man: Hope it helps. So I’ll see you Tuesday. We’ll go to Ikea.
Woman: Yup, Tuesday *she grabs him and kisses him again*

They both put on their coats, kissing passionately one more time outside window before parting and going their separate ways.

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