Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

FEBRUARY 16, 2015

A man in an expensive shearling coat sits at table. An older man, he looks out window. His face brightens when he sees an attractive, fortyish woman approach. She enters coffee shop, taking off hood and sunglasses and sits down at his table.

Man: Hello, my love. Don’t tell me you walked here?
Woman: Of course. *blows nose in tissue* A twenty minute walk never killed anyone.
Man: It might in this weather. Although, do you realize it’s colder here than where we’ll be skiing next week?  
Woman: Scary thought. *fixes hair* I must look a mess.
Man: You look beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. But you mentioned something about being upset?
Woman: Yes, the IRS closed Gar_ _ _’s salon.
Man: What? What do you mean closed?
Woman: I mean, shut down … locked the doors. We were all in shock.
Man: But why?
Woman: Evidently he owes back taxes.
Man: How much?
Woman: A million.
Man: Can he pay?
Woman: I guess not. I don't know if he has the money. 
Man: But he must have been paying his rent.
Woman: Yes, I suppose ... just not his taxes.
Man: And they shut down his business? Have they no shame? How is he supposed to earn a living? And it’s embarrassing. It’s humiliating. They're heartless.
Woman: They do not care. They want their money.
Man: But how much can he earn? $200,000 a year?
Woman: Two hundred … what did you just say?! *incredulous*
Man: I said, how much can he be earning. $200,00 a year.
Woman: Are you kidding me? He’s a top hair stylist with clients like Madonna, Gwynneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and you think he’s earning a measly $200,000 a year? Doubtful.
Man: Then how much?
Woman: Try ten times that much.
Man: Really?
Woman: Yes.
Man: What’s he going to do?
Woman: I just talked to him. He’s moved back to Florida. He has a salon there, you know. He'll keep that one open. 
Man: I guess Florida protects your assets. I think it’s why OJ moved there. Remember? They couldn’t touch his assets?
Woman: I have no idea, but they’re not just going to let this drop. The IRS isn’t like that.
Man: Where was his salon? I mean, in NY?
Woman: Oh, it was in the best section. Mick Jagger lives around there … in The _________.
Man: Mick Jagger?
Woman: Yes, he’s in the gym all the time. I mean, all the time. I have a friend living in The _______ and he says, he’s in there working out for hours at a time.
Man: Really? Impressive. He must be in his seventies.
Woman: I think so. Maybe. Let me get a latte; then we’ll leave.
Man: Yes, it’s getting late. You know, you really do look beautiful.
Woman: *smiles* *goes to counter to purchase drink*
Man Sitting Next to their table: Hey, that’s a great jacket. Must be warm.
Man: Thank you, it is. I’m going to bring it on my trip to Aspen next week. We’re going skiing.
Woman: Ready? *has drink* *puts on coat*
Man: After you, my dear.
*they exit into the cold as I continue writing*

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